Muller Van Severen

Drawing inspiration from the rich history of Bitossi's Archive, the iconic Sottsass vases, and the mesmerizing blues of Londi, Muller Van Severen has crafted a family of vases that transcend design and become pure poetry in motion. The designs began with the dimensions of an A4 size, with cutouts, and all vases are interconnected, creating a harmony that converses fluidly between craftsmanship and visual artistry.

The vision behind the collection was to explore the relationship between form and space, with Muller Van Severen's focus on contact with the ground through open and closed forms. Each vase poetically lifts the volume into the air, giving it legs and making it dance with grace.

The collaboration between Muller Van Severen and Bitossi Ceramiche has been a journey of creativity and inspiration, with each design reflecting the soulful expression of the visions behind them. The vases evoke emotion, touch the senses, and inspire the imagination, creating a unique experience that transcends design and becomes a true work of art.

The new Onda collection consists of eight different elements in eight different colors that fuel the imagination.


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