Objects of Common Interest, Torsi

Bitossi Ceramiche presents Torsi, a collection inspired by the fictile productions common to ancient Greece and Italy, designed by Objects of Common Interest for the 2024 edition of the Salone del Mobile. The collaboration celebrates the classical heritage of art history in a contemporary vision.

The term ‘torso’ originates from classical architecture, where it refers to the part of the column that supports the crown on the base, representing stability. In the human body, the torso is an essential part that symbolizes strength, beauty, and elegance. The collection includes three stackable cylindrical vases and two semi-cylindrical wall vases, fluted like classical columns, with varying heights that adapt perfectly to a wide range of botanical arrangements. The objects can be arranged vertically or horizontally, either aligned or in creative compositions. They are made using the casting technique and are available in six bright colors: purple, green, red, pink, yellow, and blue.


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