Patricia Urquiola, Merlate

The Merlate collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Bitossi
Ceramiche and presented during Milan Design Week 2024 as a series of micro-architectures, consists of several vases that differ in their irregular and textured shapes, inspired by the typical construction elements of building projects.
Each vase is conceived as a unique work of art that reflects the irregularity and complexity of architectural structures. The design of the vases blends sculptural and textural elements by alternating full and hollow spaces, creating a kind of visual tension. The edges of the vases, characterized by colors that contrast with the base, give the entire structure an extremely accentuated graphic meaning. The interplay of colors, between purple and butter, yellow and mint green, orange and blue, indigo and terracotta, emphasizes the perspective and formal rhythm of these vases. The “Merlate” series represents an innovative approach to the art of ceramics, a trend that explores the interaction between architecture and design.


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