Aldo Londi - Rimini Blu


Aldo Londi's ceramics designed in the course of his activity are the fruit of assiduous study, he constantly experimented using different materials, colours and techniques .Londi channels his creative impulses into meticulous stylistic and production research, as in the case ofthe iconic Rimini Blu series, produced continuously since 1959. From this moment on, the surface texture, represented by different motifs engraved with astencil, will always have the same graphic characteristics.  

A decoration composed of minute, dense marks that create a frieze, a fantastic roundabout of abstract geometric elements that chase each other endlessly, enhanced by quick touches of colour that the decorator fixes under the blue and that, after firing, magically reproduce the play of light reflecting in the sea.

It is no coincidence that the name chosen for this series is "Rimini blue", after the famous resort on the rivieraRomagnola that was much appreciated by American tourists in the 1950s. The name, represented the Italian taste and style appreciated worldwide, so evocative that in the same years it also became the protagonist in Italian pop music songs in vogue in 1959, such as 'Nel blu dipinto di blu' by D. Modugno and 'Ricordati di Rimini' by F. Buscaglione. Through the years, the Rimini series would be offered in numerous colour variants still developed today in the Rimini by you commercial proposal.


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