Clay Collection

Clay is the name of the Formafantasma duo's collection, never before has the name (Ghost Shade) been so well associated with the product. The material is predominant in the design, a formal working process that finds its expressive part in the lathe work: cylinder-shaped vases and disc-shaped bowls are engraved vertically in the upper part of the shape, producing sections, which are “torn” by hand, thus creating the irregular rim. Through this gesture, each element results in a unique work.

The surface is scratched by the lathe with the use of refractory clay. Colours alternate in eight catalogue proposals between sculptural matt white and pastel colours.

Starting from this work, the authors explored the raw and expressive qualities of ceramics, inspired by a project by Aldo Londi from the 1980s, which, for the occasion, has been included in the Historical Archive Re-edition collection.


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