Fabio Novembre


Green Line was the name of a demarcation line in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War. It separated the Muslim quarters of West-Beirut from the Christian quarters of East-Beirut, from one side of Damascus Street to the other.

Architect Novembre's project after a trip to Beirut is based on this theme: even in the tragedy of war, nature does not stop, rather it breaks through the asphalt and is reborn sprouting from the ruins.

The collection consists of four vases, from one to five stems, coated with relief glazes that create a rough, asphalt-like effect, whose shapes rise vertically, ready to accommodate the flower.

“The flower is a symbolic abstraction, an ideal of beauty that can be expressed in shapes and colours. The flower, between the potentiality of the seed and the completeness of the tree, is the seductive song of the amorous call, the "Dead Poets Society" moment of aesthetic perfection”. [Handmade by Bitossi, Fabio Novembre, 2021]


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